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SOLARSOL  is  Egypt’s  first   full  service   provider   in   solar    energy    applications,    products.
SOLARSOL    founded    in   2014   with   many  installations  and   development  of  solar  energy
applications .  For  tier   clients  in   Egypt , we    made    clean    energy    available    to    factories,
developers,  mobile    providers,    farms,   businesses,   and   homeowners.   We    have    excellent
references in PV Solar Plants , solar streets & landscape lighting, solar thermal heating system,
and solar building`s materials.
Our   approach   is    to    implement   our   green    and     sustainable     solutions  to   the   highest
engineering standards while make it very simple to our customer.
Our  wide  range  of  products   and   services   delivers   tailored   and    optimized    solutions   for
our   customer.   Our   competence   in    surveying    and     consulting     Services   and    our   used
technologies   are-compelling   through    our    commitment,    we     create     value     and     energy
policy for our customers and stakeholders.
Our company  has  been  driven  forward  by  pioneers  in  the  sustainability  and   solar   industry.
The management now  has  over  6 years  in this  industry  and  two  decades  in  construction  and
project  management  industry.
Our focus is on Egypt, and Middle-East. Our headquarters in  Cairo  with  strong   representations
in Bahrain, KSA, Iraq, and Kuwait.