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SOLARSOL  Founded by Dr. Ayman Rasekh & his own family members in 2014.

Over the past decade or so, Egypt highly supported renewable energy, allowing this field to thrive. 

Egypt acquires the highest sun isolation in the world, we are considered the luckiest on the sun map!

We started off as a full solar energy provider, offering 

PV, Building integrated systems, off-grid systems, and solar lighting. After accomplishing over 100 successful projects, we headed into refining its path. 

In 2016SOLARSOL launched the first and only Solar lighting factory, manufacturing the ALL IN ONE technology in the MENA region. 

Our factory refined the sense of quality meeting performance, and sophistication in its products, globally. 

SOLARSOL has many hubs operating worldwide, such as our hub in Switzerland. 

SOLARSOL has managed to add value to the mega trending Industry of environmental sustainability. 

In 2020, we acquired an exclusivity with HT-SAAE, the first listed industrialization for the aerospace technology application of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Solar energy was the first advantage we accomplished, and we will constantly continue to grow more innovations.


  • We believe in clean energy. Our products will seek relentless advancements to globally serve environmental sustainability. Leading us to highly enhance the clean energy industry, and attain distinction worldwide. 


  •  Leading in this game-changing environmental sustainability industry, globally. Always using our tools of top expertise in renewable energy, cost savings mindset, R&D, and technology.
  •  Contribute with our constantly progressive innovations globally, serving our clients the optimum and finest choices.
  •  Provide endless job opportunities in the clean energy industry, and decrease the unemployment rate.
  • Commit to all our values of quality, safety, responsibility, humanity, and excellence with no exceptions.